Thousands of families need help getting food

All summer long, thousands of families still count on Moisson Montréal. With your support, we can help keep them fed!

(video in French only)

Hunger doesn’t take a holiday

Summer is a season for relaxing and having fun, but let’s remember that hunger doesn’t take a holiday.

During the summer, food banks respond to a surge in demand as children no longer have access to the meals provided to families by programs throughout the school year. Moisson Montréal and its partners fill-in. 

To address the needs, Moisson Montréal launches the Hunger doesn't take a holiday campaign. The aim is to raise $45,000 in order to help families in need all summer long. The organisation also wants to raise awareness among the population about this important issue affecting thousands of families of the Greater Montreal area. 

Your monetary  will help provide healthy meals to thousands of families across the island of Montreal. Help us keep them fed!

Let's underline the participation of CIBLE and their interactive tool Donna which enabled Moisson Montréal to put this campagn together is the most efficient way through the Ensemble aidons plus Grant.



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