Thousands of families need food assistance

Hunger doesn’t take a holiday

Summer is a season for relaxing and having fun, but let’s remember that Hunger doesn’t take a holiday.

During the summer, food banks respond to a surge in demand as children no longer have access to the meals provided in schools throughout the rest of the year. Moisson Montréal and its partners fill in.   This year Moisson Montréal collaborates with Moisson Rive-Sud and Moisson Estrie.

To address the need, Moisson Montréal launched the Hunger doesn't take a holiday campaign. The aim is to raise $50,000 in order to help youth and their families in need all summer long. The organisation also wants to raise awareness among the population about this important issue affecting thousands of families of the Greater Montreal area. 

The money raised will allow us to feed nearly 40,000 youngsters aged 3 to 17 for one month.

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